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Memorial & Cremation Service

Memorial Service

In lieu of a traditional ceremony, your family may choose to hold a memorial service in honor of your loved one who was buried prior to the ceremony. With the exception that the deceased is not present, our memorial services offer similar features to our traditional funeral services.

Families who seek closure and healing after a loss may benefit from a memorial service, which may be personalized to meet the family’s needs and honor the deceased. In addition to reading the Scriptures and praying, we offer eulogies, songs, and hymns of your choice during the memorial service. The service can be held in the chapel at our funeral home, or in another location of your choice.


Cremation Service

For your convenience, we offer several cremation services at Mitchell’s Funeral Home, including cremation with a traditional funeral service, and direct cremation with no service.

As part of our cremation services, we will assist you in filing the necessary paperwork, transporting your loved one, and providing them with the dignified cremation that they deserve. We will assist your family in planning a proper sendoff for your loved one, with a beautiful, traditional ceremony, or a simple cremation without a formal ceremony if the family so desires.