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Mortuary Shipping

If your loved one requires transportation from out of state or outside of the continental U.S., we provide mortuary shipping services to bring your loved one home. Our mortuary shipping service provides reliable, dignified transportation to retrieve your loved one and bring them home for their funeral service or interment.
To ensure that your loved one’s trip goes smoothly, we manage all of the arrangements including the airline charges, and providing an air tray to protect the casket during transportation. We will also obtain the legal documents required to complete the transfer, including a Health Department approval letter, and the death certificate for the consulate.

Preparation of Remains

We are committed to treating your loved one with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Our skilled team works diligently to lovingly prepare your loved one for their funeral service. We will provide transportation for the deceased from the location of death to our funeral home, embalming, and preparation of the dressings and casket.